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Bird-Friendly Coffee: Why are YOU waiting?

Three years ago one April morning, I stood at the edge of a shade-grown coffee plantation near Cerro Azul Meambar in central Honduras. My guide, the honorable Jorge Barraza–arguably one of the best travel guides in Honduras–┬áhad just led me down a narrow footpath toward the coffee “finca,” or farm. “Look!” I said as a […]

Bird-friendly Glass Inspired by Spider Webs Lessens Window Strikes

Millions of birds die from window strikes each year. A German company called Arnold Glas seeks to overcome that problem by designing Ornilux glass, which contains a special UV coating that is visible to birds, but doesn’t obstruct the view for humans. While we see a solid, clear pane, birds see a Jack Frost-like web […]

Who Are The Next “Great” Birders?

The next era of birding will be ushered in by a new crop of great birders. Who will they be? I wrote this post a few months ago but chewed on it a while after sharing it with a few friends, birders, and members of the ABA board. After reading so many good opinions on […]