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Birding in Ecuador’s Tandayapa Valley & High Andes (Slideshow)

What can I say, Birding in Ecuador was crazy good. There were new, amazing birds around every bend. It was like being followed from dawn to dusk by a caravan of delivery trucks that would dump out new lifers and new families every few hundred yards. Here is a travelogue of our trip  captured in photos. Click […]

Video of Birds of Ecuador (Birding Adventures)

Video of Birds of Ecuador (Birding Adventures)

Prepare to be enchanted by this video of the Birds of Ecuador, produced by Birding Adventures during our recent trip to Tandayapa Valley on the western slope. Follow BATV on Facebook for more sneak peeks.

My next Birding Adventure is….”Birding Adventures TV”

By the time you read this, I’ll be either 1) rubbing my eyes at 4 am for a morning of filming in the Tandayapa Valley of Ecuador. 2) falling onto my knees with awe at a the sight of yet another radiant tanager 3) sedating myself with pico sours in order to quell this thing […]

Bird-Friendly Coffee: Why are YOU waiting?

Three years ago one April morning, I stood at the edge of a shade-grown coffee plantation near Cerro Azul Meambar in central Honduras. My guide, the honorable Jorge Barraza–arguably one of the best travel guides in Honduras– had just led me down a narrow footpath toward the coffee “finca,” or farm. “Look!” I said as a […]

Tropical Birding (Sept, 2010)

Our mission was simple: craft a sexy, eye-catching site (see home page image at right) that gets visitors where they are going fast, then add video, stunning photos, and social media. We customized the framework and functionality around the client’s top-notch content, so the pages are filled with sharp photography, videos, and tour descriptions as well as awesome tables, maps, forms, and graphics.

The Nature Conservancy of Central & Western New York (Oct, 2009)

“Laura provided the Nature Conservancy with a wealth of ideas on how to promote our message and make our website come alive. She quickly grasped our mission and was able to work with all our staff to develop exciting descriptions of their programs. She has the rare combination of top-notch writing skills and expertise in organizing and producing websites.” — Jim Howe, Executive Director, The Nature Conservancy Central & Western New York

WordPress & Drupal Websites

My team of web designers can help you put your best foot forward by producing a sharp-looking, easy-to-maintain Wordpress website. If your site requires a more robust platform (e.g., Drupal), I can refer you to an excellent team of coders and manage the project.

Latest Project: Web 2.0-friendly WordPress Installation

Latest Project: Web 2.0-friendly WordPress Installation

I am pleased to report the launch of my latest web project for a birding tour company. This was a fantastic collaboration between my web team (Katherine Koch, lead designer and Bill Klingensmith, Rob Mauer, and Sean Koch) and the owners of Tropical Birding (a birding tour company based in Quito, Ecuador). The result is […]

Bird-friendly Glass Inspired by Spider Webs Lessens Window Strikes

Millions of birds die from window strikes each year. A German company called Arnold Glas seeks to overcome that problem by designing Ornilux glass, which contains a special UV coating that is visible to birds, but doesn’t obstruct the view for humans. While we see a solid, clear pane, birds see a Jack Frost-like web […]

Who Are The Next “Great” Birders?

The next era of birding will be ushered in by a new crop of great birders. Who will they be? I wrote this post a few months ago but chewed on it a while after sharing it with a few friends, birders, and members of the ABA board. After reading so many good opinions on […]

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor: The National Aquarium

Marine life was a big theme for our boys (ages 10 and 8) this spring, so we decided to build an overnight stay around the National Aquarium in Baltimore, which anchors the bustling Inner Harbor. (Read here for an overview of our trip). Rated the #1 US Aquarium in 2006 by Conde Nast, the National […]